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Be-cause health conference 2021

Climate Justice and Health Equity

Conclusions and going forward

A new Planetary Health Working group

The conference on Climate Justice and Health Equity, one of the first events in Belgium to bring together a diversity of stakeholders to share experiences and build knowledge on this topic, was not an end, but a beginning. A Be-cause health Planetary Health working group emerged from the lessons learnt during the conference.

The conference was a great opportunity to get to know each other better and to connect. These connections present the beginning of a network of professionals who share with each other, learn from each other, and embrace diversity to find innovative ideas. Due to the complexity and relevance of the climate crisis and the environmental degradation impact on health at global and local levels, transdisciplinary networks are a fruitful mechanism for understanding and tackling the multiple effects of such web of phenomena.

The working group will thus take forward the key outcomes of the conference and develop a range of activities that will focus on the climate emergency, transformation and how global health stakeholders could contribute to this. The working groups ultimate goal is contributing to climate justice and health equity. In line with Be-cause health principles of social protection and equitable access to good quality responsive health services for all, and strong, resilient and sustainable health systems, this working group aims to create a space for technical exchange and to facilitate joint initiatives.

The working group wishes to be positioned as the central Belgian climate and health network, promoting meaningful participation of a diverse range of stakeholders from Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) and underrepresented and marginalised voices.

Closure of the conference by Magalie Schotte

Magalie Schotte (Coordinator Be-cause health)


Authors: Xavier de Béthune (Be-cause health), Michel Jancloes (Health & Climate Foundation), Magalie Schotte (Be-cause health | ITM), Remco van de Pas (ITM), Davide Ziveri (Humanity and Inclusion).

Responsible publisher: Magalie Schotte, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nationalestraat 155, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

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