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Be-cause health conference 2021

Climate Justice and Health Equity

What can be done?

How can we rebuild our society and health systems in a socially and economic just manner, with respect for our planetary boundaries?

Welcome and introduction second day Elies Van Belle

Elies Van Belle (Chair Be-cause health, Belgium)


Engaging with how to achieve healthy societies: insights from India, Latin America and East and Southern Africa

Rene Loewenson set out to resolve three questions during her presentation: 1. Whose health is ‘global health’? 2. Why recognise diversity, circulation and contestation? 3. What’s next? …

Two Communities Struggle for Climate Justice

Virginia Talens gives a concrete testimony of what climate justice and health equity mean for the people in the Philippines. The majority of the Philippine people are poor and malnourished. 9 out of 10 farmers are landless, and 1 out of 3 children are stunted as a consequence of malnutrition …

Thematic Sessions

Transformative communities

Willem van de Put from the ITM in Antwerp introduces the panel by moderating three short presentations. Afterwards, he leads the panel discussion with Q&A’s from the audience. Jorge Matine from IPAS Mozambique points out that there is a direct link between the climate emergency and gender-based violence, crop failure and food insecurity, decreasing income, school drop-out, etc. …

Transformative policies

Michel Jancloes introduces the session by showing that climate emergencies can be used as an opportunity to advance progress in universal health coverage. And that this requires a mix of innovative transformative policies. Davide Ziveri guides us through the session with one presentation from a global perspective: de-growth... …

Transformative health systems

Together with Carlos Mediano, we look into innovative health systems that can strengthen people’s resilience against the climate emergency. The climate crisis will require major changes in the ways health systems are conceived, planned and operated. Two different innovative approaches are explained by the international panel …

Panel, Wrap-up and Final speech

Video speech by Mike Ryan, WHO, Director Health Emergencies Programme

International Panel discussion

During the final ‘only women but very diverse’ panel discussion, all lessons learned and key messages from two days of conference came together. Carine Thibaut from the Climate Coalition Belgium, a Belgian network of 90 organisations working on climate, invites the (global) health sector to join the climate movement …

Wrap up

Xavier de Béthune wrapped up the second day of the conference during which we looked at the transformations needed. He subscribes to the call to act now. However, as we learned from Rene Loewenson, transforming dominating and hierarchical systems leads to paradoxes. Resolving paradoxes requires creativity …

Final speech

Speech by Meryame Kitir (Belgian Minister of Development Cooperation and Major Cities Policy) …