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Be-cause health conference 2021

Climate Justice and Health Equity

What can be done?

Wrap up

Xavier de Béthune (Steering group Be-cause health, Belgium)

Xavier de Béthune wrapped up the second day of the conference during which we looked at the transformations needed. He subscribes to the call to act now.

However, as we learned from Rene Loewenson, transforming dominating and hierarchical systems leads to paradoxes. Resolving paradoxes requires creativity to prevent tensions and sometimes violent conflicts that lead to (mental) health stresses, especially for more fragile people.

Over the course of the day, a number of these paradoxes were discussed:


"In the end [...] we are facing an emergency, but it is an emergency with a solution in the long term."

- Xavier de Béthune

Mike Ryan of WHO confirmed the content of the conference: the emergency we are facing, the overall need for solidarity and the importance of working with the people at local level.

The all-women panel summarised the main priority of the climate emergency regarding health equity: empowerment of the people most at risk, with very special pleas to include all: women, indigenous people, youth, peoples with disabilities, etc.

Special thanks were expressed to the organisers for their enthusiasm and the quality of the conference.