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Be-cause health conference 2021

Climate Justice and Health Equity


Student panel discussion

Aminata Bagayoko (ITM, Antwerp) - Tonga Calvin (ITM, Antwerp) - Riddhi Patel (ITM, Antwerp) - Gabriel Manzi (ULB-UClouvain)

Moderation: Karel Gyselinck (Enabel, Belgium)

Together with a panel of master in public health students at the ITM and ULB-UC Louvain, Karel Gyselinck lays down the key messages of the first day of the conference. What did the students learn, what touched them, what was missing and how will they translate the lessons learned in their (future) daily life? Some observations from the panel:


"This is the tricky idea that came out of the conference today: how do we balance needs for development in the developing world with the need for maintaining good planetary health?"

- Tonga Calvin