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Be-cause health conference 2021

Climate Justice and Health Equity

Thematic Session

Health & Heat

Claire Demoury (Sciensano, Belgium) - Jeffrie Quarsie (GGD Rotterdam – Rijnmond, the Netherlands) - Fiona Scorgie (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)

Moderation: Elies Van Belle (Be-cause health/Memisa, Belgium)

Health & Heat

In this session, Elies Van Belle guides us through the provided insights stemming from different case studies in Belgium (Claire Demoury), the Netherlands (Jeffrie Quarsie), Kenya and Burkina Faso (Fiona Scorgie) and the pathways that affect health in these contexts.

They follow the influences and impacts as described by the Lancet Countdown reports, but also indicate there are contextual differences between countries and that pre-existing health inequities worsen and get aggravated, especially in already vulnerable populations. While impacts and effects are becoming readily visible in European countries, there are also more adaptive and mitigation measures and institutions (with limitations as well). However, such measures are much less available in a Low and Middle Income Country (LMIC) context, as the example indicates impacts of heat on maternal and child health in Burkina Faso and Kenya (preterm birth, eclampsia, etc.). Recommendations concern raising awareness, including assessments and a potential for adaptation and health systems resilience.


"31% of heat related mortality is caused by Climate Change."

- Jeffrie Quarsie